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Gabriel Isak

Into the blue

Into the Blue, includes works from different collections that Gabriel Isak has created with a strong focus on the color blue. Here the camera has been used as a tool to create images filled with symbols and emotions in surrealist and minimalist landscapes.

Gabriel Isak, Blue Moon


The blue thread of the exhibition presents a calm and peaceful atmosphere, touching on themes of melancholy, existentialism, psychology and the dream world. In desolate landscapes with anonymous subjects, the viewer is invited to interact with them, where they can imagine themselves as the subjects, and reflect back on their own life journey and experiences.


Artist's statement

Gabriel Isak's art includes surreal and melancholic scenes where he invites the viewer to interact with the inner world of solitary figures that symbolize our own unconscious states. He uses photography as a medium to create surrealist images, minimalist and graphic in their aesthetic, rich in symbolism and emotion. The focus is on themes inspired by psychology, dreams and romance, as well as his own experiences, especially the years when he was suffering from depression. Isak's work is a quiet and melancholic meditation that calms the chaos of life and turns into an introspective journey that questions the depths of existence. The aim of Gabriel Isaac's art is to highlight the experiences of the self and the states of mind they bring. His subjects are anonymous with the faintest glimpses of consciousness, captured in monochromatic environments, allowing the viewer to imagine themselves as the subject of Isak's work and reflect on their own experiences and life journey.



Gabriel Isak was born in 1990 in Huskvarna, Sweden. In 2016 he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California. 

Isak has exhibited his work in solo shows at The Cannery Gallery, San Francisco, California, UponWalls, Hjo, Sweden and Galerie XII in Shanghai, Paris and Los Angeles. His work has also been included in various important exhibitions including "Acclimatize" at Moderna Museet, Stockholm, "Culture Pop" at .M Contemporary, Sydney, Australia and "Camera Obscura" at Last Rites Gallery in New York, USA. Isak lives and works in Stockholm, from where he travels all over the world for personal and commissioned projects. 


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